Tripod Q&A

Q: Which tripod do you recommend?

A: This is a question we are frequently asked so we will break down the tripods into 2 different categories to help you as a customer 

PRS/ Long Distance Shooting ( No Name Or 40 Mike Mike ) 

Hunting ( No Name Or No Name JR for light weight packing Or Maximum Stability 40 Mike Mike )


Q: I have a rifle how do i mount it 

A: There is a couple different options as far as mounting goes. If your rifle has an arca rail or your wish to add an arca rail you can direct mount onto our leveling base or ballhead without and need for a grip.

If you own a traditional stock such as a manners or store bought type rifle ( Savage Remington Bergara so on and so forth)with a Traditional stock you will need a grip. We offer two different grips which are great for the budget conscious and are huge bang for the buck. Grips will mount right onto our ballhead or leveling base. 


Q: Ballhead or Leveling Base? 

A: This will mostly be all about your shooting enviorment. Ballheads for steep angles alot or articulation up and down. Leveling base for smaller elevation changes and flatter ground shooting. ( We do use a leveling base on most of our applications because we feel it has a slight advantage of lowering the center of gravity of the tripod and do shoot some steeper elevation. The ballhead would be suited for the back woods hunting or mountainious terrain where there is alot of angle changes over 15 Degrees