Presale Info

Here at Two Vets Sporting Goods we have always put our customers first and foremost. As we are a small company we try and do what we can for our customers and offer the best pricing possible on new and upcoming products. Typically with a product launch we will launch a Presale pricing. This pricing will vary in duration and is applied to new products we are bringing to the market. 


How the Presale Pricing works :

Presale pricing is your opportunity to save quite a bit of money by being one of the first customers to purchase our new products. Generally with presale pricing we have a round about date when our inventory will be available for shipping. We try and post the most accurate date possible. Sometimes we will receive our products within the around the date we have set sometimes we have them available to ship them sooner. Please understand with presalse pricing we will do our best to get your order completed in the date we set and there is a possibility it may take a little bit longer. We appreicate your business and hope you enjoy the SAVINGS!!!!


Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if you have any further questions